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Grade Reports
Up-to-date grade information can be viewed on the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. Semester grade reports are issued at the end of the first and second semesters.  The final semester grade report is mailed to the student’s residence at the end of each school year.  Nine-week grade reports are distributed twice during each semester.  All reports contain numerical grades and attendance. Credits toward graduation are recorded on the grade reports at the end of each semester. The minimum passing score for all courses is 70.  The letter grade equivalents for numerical grades are as follows:  90 – 100 = A; 80 – 89 = B; 70 – 79 = C; Below 70 = F.


Report Cards
Nine week report cards will be issued at the end of each 9 week grading period.  Semester report cards for first semester will be issued in January.  Second semester report cards will be mailed.  The semester grade is the final grade for the course and is recorded on the student’s permanent record.  Semester grades are used to award credit and for calculating grade point averages.


Progress Reports
Progress reports are given to students at the mid-nine weeks of each semester.  Progress reports will be distributed in Cats Connect and sent home on these days.  Progress report days for first semester are Thursday, September 14 and Thursday, November 16.  Progress report days for second semester are Thursday, February 15 and Thursday, April 19.


Grade Weighting
All course weights at BHS are as follows:

  • 80% Coursework
    • 60% Major Grades
    • 40% Minor Grades
  • 20% Final/EOC


Major Grades
Major grades may consist of common assessments, standards tests, projects, book reports, research papers, major lab grades, etc. Specific determinations for what assignments are classified as major grades are made by course team.


Comprehensive Exams and Final Exams
Comprehensive Final exams are given at the end of each nine weeks.  The final exams comprise 20% of the of the final course average.  All students are required to take the final exam at the end of the semester.  Students at Bainbridge High School are required to take the final exam or participate in the post assessment activity in all courses. In end-of-course assessment classes, state law mandates all students take the EOC’s. 


End of Course Assessments
End of Course Assessments (EOC’s) are required by state law in the following classes:  American Literature, Algebra I,  Biology, and U. S. History  All students in these courses must take the end-of-course assessment, which will count for 20% of their overall grade.


Grade Point Average
Grade point averages are obtained by adding all the student’s numerical grades and dividing this sum by the total number of credits for which grades are furnished. The final GPA is used to determine a student’s class ranking. (*For Cohorts 2023, 2024, and 2025. There are proposed changes to GPA calculation for Cohort 2026.)

The Georgia Student Finance Commission utilizes a 4.0 scale grade point average to determine HOPE eligibility.  By state policy, AP and MOWR courses receive an additional 0.5, awarded to the HOPE GPA. Using HOPE GPA calculations, A= 4.0, B= 3.0, C= 2.0, and F= 0.0.

According to state Board of Education policy, a final course average may not exceed 100 on a numerical scale or 4.0 on a 4.0 scale.


Honor Rolls
Honor Rolls are posted at the end of each nine weeks.  Students must be enrolled in at least two units at Bainbridge High School to be eligible for honor rolls.  Bainbridge High School Honor Rolls are as follows:

  1.          The Principal’s Honor Roll consists of students earning no grade less than 95.  Students qualifying for           Principal’s Honor Roll at the end of a semester receive
  • preferential parking privileges and
  • are entitled to leave five minutes early to lunch each day.

2.         The “A” Honor Roll consists of students earning no grade less than 90.  The “A” Honor Roll is published in the Bainbridge Post Searchlight at the end of each semester.

3.        The “A-B” Honor Roll consists of students earning no grade less than 80.