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One of the primary goals of Decatur County Schools is to prepare students for successful entry into the job market, the armed services, or postsecondary schools.

Cats Connect is Bainbridge High School's teacher as advisor program.  Each student is assigned an advisor and remains with this advisor throughout his/her high school years.  Cats Connect meets daily at the beginning of each semester and meets weekly afterwards.  Active involvement in advisement activities is expected from all students.

Cats Connect is designed to assist students in developing the skills needed to make wise decisions that enable them to take full advantage of the well-balanced curriculum offered in our secondary schools.  Through the presentation of current information concerning career selection, graduation requirements, and course offerings during both individual and group advisement sessions, the professional educator becomes the mentor to the student.  The following procedures are utilized in Decatur County Schools to facilitate this process:

  • During the 8th grade year, students and their parents/guardians and advisor/counselor will develop an individual graduation plan to be revised annually.

  • Annual advisement sessions are provided for the student and his or her parent(s)/guardian(s) in order to review progress and offer alternatives in meeting graduation requirements and career objectives and to assist in selecting high school courses for the following year. Sessions may be conducted individually or in groups as deemed appropriate by local school personnel.

  • During the 9th through 12th grade years, students will meet bi-weekly with their Cats Connect Advisor.  Cats Connect is a designed to provide students with current information regarding college and career planning.